We are calling for policymakers worldwide to take in the scientific knowledge synthesized in the 10 Must Knows from Biodiversity Science 2022 to inform much needed policies. At the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal in December 2022, your decisive action is needed to halt the man-made extinction of species and to strengthen biodiversity. The 10MustDos22 are intended to support you in taking such action by proposing solutions that can be implemented with immediate effect.

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MustDo 9: Did you know that more than 2.23 billion pieces of information on all living organisms [1] on earth are publicly accessible in a data pool and thus constitute a valuable resource for biodiversity protection and climate adaptation worldwide?

This Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is currently fed by 1,922 databases, all of whose data are openly accessible. We call for maintaining the open access and unrestricted use of these scientific biodiversity data sources, for expanding these information infrastructures [2], and for securing them in the long term. They are central for developing and following effective measures to protect and restore biodiversity.


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