Establishment of a network, bundling of competences

The objective of the initial phase was to create a common platform for the Leibniz Biodiversity members in order to bundle competences and resources and to network biodiversity research in the Leibniz Association stronger and make it externally more visible. Since then, ongoing activities and projects of the member institutions have been jointly discussed and common fields of action have been identified.

Strategic development

The current primary goal is the strategic enhancement of Leibniz Biodiversity with a focus on the development and implementation of interdisciplinary joint research projects. Together with external partners, the Leibniz Biodiversity members work on issues of particular social relevance on a national and international level.

Knowledge transfer, dialogue with politics and society, awareness raising

The results of the collaborative research serve as evidence-based policy advice and are processed for the general public. The discourse between science, political decision-making processes and civil society is supported by various formats (e.g. advisory and other services, citizen dialogues). In addition, the appreciation and assumption of responsibility for biodiversity in society has to be strengthened, e.g. through the scientific support of Citizen Science initiatives.